Whales Hover(ed)
by Jeff Poniewaz

This is a book about whales.
And here is your token ad headline: Whales Hover(ed) is one whale of a book!

So what does that mean for you, dear reader?

Well, nothing. Unless, of course, you love whales (and/or poetry). Then it’s everything you’ve ever hoped for … everything you’d ever dreamed you’d find in simple chapbook format. And if it is such, dear reader, then it’ll probably be the next book you own by Centennial Press.

So who is this Jeff Poniewaz guy anyway?

Three decades ago (well … closer to four if you wanna be literal), Jeff Poniewaz made a pact with his compatriot of the pen, Antler, and vowed to dedicate his life to poetry. He hasn’t reneged on his word.

His work has been praised by Allen Ginsberg for its “impassioned prescient ecological Whitmanesque/Thoreauvian verve and wit.” [Take breath here.] His book Dolphin Leaping in the Milky Way was lauded by the likes of Gary Snyder and the founder of Green Peace. His last name is Polish for because. Why? Well … Poniewaz. Oh yeah, and one more thing: it’s Poe-nYEAH-vAHsh, not Poe-KNEEEEE-waz – so take yer silly Americanized mispronunciation outta yer mouth and bury it deep in your pocket of shame. (And while yer at it, learn how to say Proust, Goethe, and Floubert too would ya, lest you enjoy making a hobby of sounding like a pedantic fool.)

And did we mention?

Centennial Press will donate $1 (one … just one) to World Wildlife Federation for every copy of Whales Hover(ed) we sell. So if you want to save the world (or just make us feel really good about ourselves), then buy our books.

Oh alright then, go on … you can feel good about yourself too. It’ll be one big hug-fest.

24 pages,5 1/4"x 8"

26 limited, signed and lettered SOLD OUT

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