by B.J. Best

We know you’ve been searching high and low (and occasionally even in-between) for a way – the best way – to appropriately communicate the welling up of feelings you have inside for that certain someone … that lover, that live-in companion, that unsuspecting friend for whom your “likes” have turned suddenly into “like-likes.” Well, doggonit, isn’t it time you finally let them know! Have we got the thing for you.

Give them … CRAP!

Yes, Crap, the always effervescing compendium to life. Crap by B.J. Best.

Crap is a poem in ten parts, each of which will leave you more breathless than the last … stunned by the sheer vastness of its crapness and downright flabbergasted by the brazenness of its total Crapitude. You really care to know what crap is? All bullshit aside, folks … Crap is one damn good work of written art.

Don’t wait any longer. Don’t twiddle your thumbs and wonder whether this Crap is worth the MERE $5.00 we’re asking for it. Get out your checkbooks and do yourself a favor right now: write one out to Centennial Press … and on that line that says “Memo,” proudly scribe for the world to see (and also so you can properly log the MERE $5.00 in your balance book) that you are writing this check out for Crap and crap alone. And when someone else sees you or your loved one reading this book, and they ask, “Hey, where did you get that crap?” You make sure and tell them you ordered your copy of Crap from Centennial Press, the only press in town with balls enough to claim:

“You won’t find crap like this anywhere else!”


Four different cover variations available, chosen at random by Florentine midgets without pants.

28 pages, 4 1/8"x 5 1/2"–

26 limited, signed and lettered SOLD OUT

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